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Children's shoes maintenance instructions

Children's shoes maintenance instructions

2020-09-03 17:44

First of all, should put babudou shoes in a well ventilated place. I usually don't wear shoes, if placed on the first floor or basement, please as far as possible the shoes pad, don't let the shoe box direct contact to the ground, otherwise will be moldy shoes. Next, leather shoes do not brush water, insolation and fire bake, lest leather shoes deformation. If the shoes once was soaked wet or wet, use a soft cloth gently wipe, and then remove the dirt on the vamp, and then do a newspaper made paper son in shoe, and as far as possible the shoes in a ventilated shade, dry naturally. Must not use hair dryer, dryer or sun, and other fast way, because fast drying, easy to accelerate the oxidation of children's shoes, reduce the life of shoes.

Different materials of children's shoes are different ways of maintenance:

1, canvas shoes: wash with cold water, can not let the sun.

2, oil shoes: please use dry cloth or shiny babudou shoes vamp wax special oil brush, do not use ordinary shoe polish and liquid shoe polish.

3, high-grade calf, Lamb Leather shoes: please use the babudou shoes wax, not doing strenuous exercise wear.

4, scrub calf shoes: use a damp towel to wipe the dust, soft brush dipped in a little neutral soap cleaning, placed in the ventilation, dry on the line.




Taiwan Standard Inspection Bureau intends to regulate children under 16 centimeters of shoes for compulsory inspection of goods

- before the Inspection Bureau in Taiwan area of 16 cm below the standard to regulate children's compulsory inspection of goods, and for the children's products listed industry held a mandatory inspection products that will be. The meeting pointed out that the limit of harmful substances of shoes is the current standard CNS 15503 general safety requirements for children's products, mainly refer to the relevant standards and the EU directive, and depending on the development of Taiwan industry status and the actual demand of consumer protection, the standard has entered the revision process, in August 20th before the proposed amendments.

In this regard, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind relevant enterprises: first, pay close attention to the Taiwan region for children's shoes production norms and the relevant EU directives, from the design, manufacture and testing of three aspects of checks to ensure that products meet the requirements. Two is to strengthen the quality, safety, theme, sense of responsibility, and actively collect and learn the Taiwan area about children's shoes technical regulations and standards, improve the quality and safety control level. Three is concerned with the production of production at the same time, strengthen the production process control

and optimization, reduce chemicals in the product, and ensure that products meet export standards.



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